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Colin Munro Will be the Captain of Desert Vipers | Stats, Records

Desert Vipers Captain: The professional sports team known as the Desert Vipers is owned by the company known as Lancer Capital LLC. While James Foster has been hired to serve as the team’s coach, the captain position has not yet been filled and is still up for grabs. The team will now be led by Colin Munro, who has been given the role of captain.

Desert Vipers Captains List

YearILT20 EditionCaptainTotal MatchesWonLostDrawn
20231stColin Munro10730
20242ndColin Munro0000

Desert Vipers Squad 2024

Colin Munro: Desert Vipers Captain 2024

The team will now be led by Colin Munro, who has been given the role of captain. The company that owns the franchise is called Lancer Capital LLC. James Foster, a former English batsman, has been hired by the squad as their batting coach. This morning, the Twitter account for Desert Vipers shared an image of Munro with the words “Oh Captain, Our Captain.” In addition, it stated, “The dazzling left-hander will lead Desert Vipers in the Inaugural Edition of ILT20.”

A short time later, the Desert Vipers team shared a video featuring Munro on their website. The future leader of the team made the following statement:

“Hey, every one of you, this is Colin Munro. I couldn’t be more thrilled to have been selected to lead the Desert Vipers in the upcoming ILT20. Looking forward to it in a significant and meaningful way.”

He said he would bring his many years of experience to bear on this new challenge. In the video, Munro expressed his gratitude to James Foster and Tom Moody. This was shared on the official Twitter account of the Desert Vipers with the accompanying remark, “Munro will provide experience, will bounce ideas, and will go a long way.”

Colin Munro is a very experienced player in the T20 format. It is typical for him to start the innings, and he possesses a great deal of skill to score swiftly in the powerplay overs. He also competed in a variety of Twenty20 leagues worldwide, including the Big Bash, the Pakistan Super League, the Indian Premier League, the Canadian Premier League, and others. Additionally, the New Zealand Batsman holds the record for the best strike rate ever achieved in a Twenty20 tournament.

ILT20 Schedule 2024

Colin Munro Stats in T20



Who is the Desert Vipers captain in 2024?

Colin Munro is the Desert Vipers captain in 2024, a new Zealand opening batter.

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