Desert Vipers Coaching Staff

Desert Vipers Coaching Staff: Head Coach, Director

Desert Vipers Coaching Staff: The Desert Vipers are part of a cricket league called the International League Twenty20, often shortened to ILT20. This league started its first season in 2023, and now the second season is all set to kick off in January 2024. Lancer Capital owns the Desert Vipers, and they’re getting ready for another exciting season.

Desert Vipers Squad 2024

James Foster is the main person coaching the Desert Vipers team. In the first season, the Desert Vipers did well and made it to the final match against the Gulf Giants. Unfortunately, they came in second place, and the Gulf Giants won the championship. Now, everyone is eagerly waiting for the second season of ILT20 to see if the Desert Vipers can go all the way and win the title this time.

Lancer Capital LLC, a company that owns the Desert Vipers, is excited about the team’s prospects. The team is not just about players; it’s a professional sports club. The coach, James Foster, is working hard to prepare the team, and the captain, Colin Munro, will lead the squad. Fans and cricket enthusiasts are looking forward to the upcoming matches, hoping for a thrilling and action-packed tournament in the second season of ILT20.

Desert Vipers Coaching Staff 2024

Desert Vipers coaching staff include the following individuals:

Name Position
Lancer Capital LLCOwner
James FosterHead Coach
Tom MoodyTeam Director
Neil McKenzieBatting Coach
Azhar MahmoodPace Bowling Coach
Carl CroweSpin Bowling Coach
Simon HelmotFielding Coach
Freddie WildeTeam analyst

Desert Vipers Coaching Staff Members History, Records and Stats

About James Foster: Head Coach of the Desert Vipers

James Foster, the former English cricketer, has transitioned into a coaching and consulting role, contributing his wealth of experience to the cricket world. After a successful playing career as a wicketkeeper-batsman, Foster turned his attention to coaching, eager to share his knowledge with aspiring cricketers.


Foster’s coaching journey took a significant step when he assumed the head coach role for the Desert Vipers in the International League Twenty20 (ILT20). His leadership and strategic insights played a pivotal role in the team’s performance, guiding them to the final in the inaugural season. Known for his meticulous approach and cricketing acumen, Foster brings a unique perspective to coaching, focusing on player development and team dynamics.

In addition to his coaching endeavours, James Foster has ventured into cricket consultancy, providing expert advice to teams and players looking to enhance their skills. His insights into the technical and mental aspects of the game make him a sought-after consultant in the cricketing world. Whether it’s refining batting techniques, improving wicketkeeping skills, or offering strategic guidance, Foster’s consultancy services have become a valuable asset for those aiming to excel in the competitive cricket world. As James Foster continues to make his mark in coaching and consulting, his dedication to nurturing talent and elevating the game’s standards remains evident.

About Neil McKenzie: Batting Coach of Desert Vipers

Neil McKenzie, the former South African cricketer, has seamlessly transitioned into a successful coaching and consultancy career, contributing his extensive knowledge and expertise to the development of cricketers around the world. Following a distinguished playing career as a top-order batsman, McKenzie has become a respected figure in the coaching realm. Neil McKenzie is now the batting coach of the Desert Vipers.


McKenzie’s coaching journey has seen him take on various roles, including serving as a batting coach for different cricket teams. His keen understanding of batting techniques and the game’s mental aspects has made him a valuable asset for players looking to refine their skills. McKenzie’s coaching philosophy often emphasizes adapting to different game formats and cultivating a strong mental approach to handling pressure situations.

Beyond coaching, Neil McKenzie has delved into cricket consultancy, offering his insights to teams and players seeking to enhance their performance. His strategic thinking and ability to analyze the game’s finer nuances make him a sought-after consultant. McKenzie’s consultancy work addresses the technical aspects of batting, helps players develop a solid foundation, and offers guidance on different bowling challenges.

In summary, Neil McKenzie’s coaching and consultancy career showcases his commitment to the continued growth of cricket. Whether on the field as a coach or off the field as a consultant, McKenzie’s wealth of experience and dedication to the sport contribute significantly to the development and success of cricketers under his guidance.

About Azhar Mahmood: DV Pace Bowling Coach


Azhar Mahmood, a former Pakistani cricketer renowned for his all-round skills, has recently been selected to spearhead the pace bowling department, showcasing his strategic acumen and wealth of cricketing experience. With a remarkable playing career that included stints in international cricket and various T20 leagues, Mahmood brings a unique blend of knowledge and expertise to his role. As a pace bowling coach, his focus extends beyond the technical aspects of fast bowling, emphasizing player development, mental resilience, and tactical prowess. Mahmood’s appointment underscores the importance of seasoned players taking on mentoring roles, as he aims to nurture and enhance the skills of the upcoming generation of pace bowlers, contributing to the team’s success on the field.

About Carl Crowe: Desert Vipers Spin Bowling Coach

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About Tom Moody: Desert Vipers Team Director

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