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ILT20 Points Table 2024 [UPDATED]- Win, Loss, NRR & Ranking

ILT20 Points Table: The league, which will be contested in a franchise-style format with six teams and 34 matches, will take place in UAE-recognised and world-class locations. The second season will be played between the 19th of January and the 17th of February in the year 2024.

The tournament will also provide a valuable platform for Emirates Cricket to take developing their local talent to a higher level. Players from the United Arab Emirates who are currently incorporated in the Board’s program and those identified by the High-Performance Coaching and Selection Committee teams will be allowed to instruct and play alongside some of the world’s best minds of today’s game during the tournament.

The iconic trophy and prize money that will be available to be won at the end of the UAE Premier League 2024 will be contested by six different clubs. Each team will compete against the other teams in a format known as a double round robin, and the top four teams will go on to the playoffs. The tournament will come to a close with a championship game between the two teams who have made it to the final after competing in the playoffs.

UAE Premier League 2024 Schedule

You can see the most recent updates to the UAE Premier League Points table 2024 here.

The standings on the points table will be updated after the finish of every match.

MI Emirates1064001.46912
Gulf Giants1064000.38612
Abu Dhabi Knight Riders105500-0.08410
Dubai Capitals105500-0.20310
Desert Vipers104600-.0108
Sharjah Warriors104600-1.6088

ILT20 UAE Points Table Glossary

  • M: The number of matches played
  • W: the number of matches won
  • L: the number of matches lost.
  • T: the number of matches tied
  • N/R: the number of games abandoned
  • PT: number of points awarded
  • NRR: Net Run Rate

ILT20 Points Table

To determine who will win the UAE Premier League T20 event, the six ILT20 clubs will compete against one another for a whole month.

The teams need to earn points and move into one of the top four spots in the ILT20 points table to be considered for a spot in the ILT20 playoffs. Therefore, the ILt20 ranking table will most likely continue to be a hot topic in talks around the ILT20.

Six franchises will be eager to win the tournament by finishing in one of the top four spots in the UAE premier League.

The second season of the UAE Premier League is going to be dazzling for all of the franchises, teams, players, and fans that attend. On February 17, 2024, every franchise team will fight against one another for the chance to win the main prize.

ILT20 Points Table 2024 Criteria

To accommodate the double round-robin structure of the competition, there will be a good number of rounds. Every team will play each of its other teams twice throughout the group stage to determine which team finishes with the most points after the stage. A club must finish in the top four in their respective standings to qualify for the playoffs. The tournament will adhere to the rules and regulations established by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

The point system used for the ILT20 2024 points table will be the same as for any other ICC-authorized franchise T20 league. Every victory will be worth two points to each side, while every defeat will be for zero points, and a draw will be worth one point. If the game is still tied after the allotted amount of regular time, the winner will be decided by a super over.

Team Ranking Rules

The order in which teams finish in their respective groups during the group stage will be determined based on the following criteria:

  • When a group stage is over, the team with the most points will be at the top.
  • If teams score equal points in the group stage, the higher run rate team will be elevated.
  • In the case of equal points and run rate for a team in the points table of the group stage, the team with the highest number of wins will finish higher in the ILt20 standings. 
  • If the criteria mentioned above are equal, the lowest number of losses will finish higher in the ILT20 points table.
  • If all factors remain equal, the head-to-head match will decide the team’s position in the UAE Premier League points table.

ILT20 Play-Offs

The team that comes in first place in the ILt20 points table standings in 2024 will face off against the team that finished in second place in the qualifier, and the teams that finished third and fourth will compete against each other in the first elimination round. The winner of the qualifying round progresses directly to the final round.

In the second round of elimination, the participant who came in last place in the qualifying round will compete against the victor of the first round of elimination. The winner of the qualifying round will face off against the winner of the second elimination game in the championship round.

If a match concludes in a draw, the game will go to the super over to determine the victor. If the super-over ends in a tie, the team with the superior position in the ILt20 standings will emerge victorious in this match.

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