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MI Emirates Owners List 2024 – Reliance Industries Limited

MI Emirates Owners: The Mumbai Indians (MI), who have won the Indian Premier League a total of five times, are making a name for themselves in a variety of Twenty20 championships all over the globe. The owners of MI, Reliance Industries Limited, have recently acquired franchise in the UAE T20 League which is scheduled to begin its seasons in the following year.

Reliance Industries Limited Owns the right of MI Emirates

On Wednesday (August 10), the owners of the Mumbai Indians, Reliance Industries Limited, announced the name of the new franchise that would be joining the Mumbai Indians as well as the brand identity of the franchise. The team’s name in the United Arab Emirates International League T20 will be “MI Emirates,” and the colours of the team’s uniform will be the traditional blue and gold.

The term “MI Emirates” was selected since it refers to the areas of the world where the teams would operate. Fans from around the Emirates are represented by the team known as “MI Emirates,” which may also be pronounced “MI Emirates.”

MI Emirates Owners Details

The new entity adopts the storied identity of the Mumbai Indians while incorporating elements of the surrounding community. The global expansion of #OneFamily will bring to the league the spirit and the morals that have helped strengthen Mumbai Indians to be one of the unique teams in franchise cricket. Mindset and these values have helped elevate Mumbai Indians to be one of the most beloved teams in franchise cricket.

“It is with great pleasure that I extend a warm greeting to ‘MI Emirates’, the most recent member of our #Onefamily family. MI is about more than cricket in our eyes. It exemplifies the capacity to dream, the absence of fear, and the cultivation of a good attitude. I do not doubt that MI Emirates will share the same values and continue to build from the illustrious history of MI cricket worldwide. In a statement issued on Wednesday, Nita M. Ambani, the Director of Reliance Industries, stated.

The first-ever International League Twenty20 will be played between January 19 and February 17, 2024, and three IPL clubs will each own a team in the new six-team league that the Emirates Cricket Board will run. In the Indian Premier League, five of the six franchises are owned by Indian companies.

These include Reliance Industries, which is the owner of the Mumbai Indians; Shah Rukh Khan’s Knight Riders Group; GMR, which is a co-owner of the Delhi Capitals; Adani Sportsline; and Capri Global. The sixth franchise, Lancer Capitals, is owned by the Glazer family, who also own Manchester United.

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